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Our Current Projects  

Farm Apprenticeship 

Nirmala’s Farmstead Foundation is a living learning center and becoming an apprentice provides a comprehensive experience of our farm, from the inside out. Apprentices work in all aspects of the farm's production, from soil making and preparation to seed preservation, harvest, from tractors to hand hoes, from administration to marketing farm products.

During the course of the full season, apprentices are given the information and time to learn the essential skills needed to manage a mixed organic and biodynamic farm on their own.

In return apprentices are expected to give their labor for the daily working of the farm.  

Taste the Future 

Hydroponics & Indoor Farming

Students get hands-on experience from seed to harvest under the guidance of our teachers. Our classes teach you how to grow herbs, greens, micros, and flowers indoors with hydroponics in a controlled environment and artificial light. 

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