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Volunteer Expectations 

We’re truly excited & thank you for your interest in volunteering at Nirmala’s Farmstead Foundation. We have many opportunities for individuals to work with us on the farm and learn about many aspects of agriculture. To apply to become a volunteer, please complete the electronic application  


Please arrive on time and be ready to work in various weather conditions.


Be respectful of the farm, and it's building, farm employees and other volunteers.


Be conscious of the local weather for the day and prepare accordingly.


Please be sure to bring a hat, work gloves, water bottle, sturdy shoes, rain gear, and we recommend appropriate layers for the time of year. Most of the days, we work outdoors in the heat and sun so bring your sunscreen.


Follow Instructions: Listen carefully to any instructions given throughout the day, listen and watch during all demonstrations, and ask questions if clarification is needed.


Ebb & Flow: We must keep a certain pace to get everything done. We are more than happy to show you how we do things, but also ask that you try your best to keep up. Be conscious of whether a conversation is getting in the way of the job at hand. Ask for help if you are struggling with any given task.


Digital devices: Please refrain from using your cellphone while working except for in the case of an emergency. Headphones are prohibited unless working alone and away from heavy equipment, moving vehicles and livestock. You may be asked to turn the music down if it is getting in the way of work.


We are a smoke-free farm. Smoking and Vaping is prohibited in any farm buildings or vehicles and during work hours. If you must smoke or vape, you must do so in designated areas.



Please keep all tools and farm equipment clean and return them to their proper locations.


Be open to new experiences and ways of doing things and most important have fun.

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